Why I'm Running

When I was young, my parents instilled in me the American Dream. I could be anything I wanted with hard work and perseverance....a future where I would have the opportunity for a wonderful family and a good life if I worked hard enough. There are countless stories of immigrants and talented people 'pulling themselves up' by their own bootstraps, even people that come from backgrounds with limited resources. This is the America I believe in.

Throughout my life, this belief was never far from my mind. I was a good student, graduating with honors at Boston College with degrees in economics and history. I gained experience with various jobs in different types of industries, and started a number of companies. I met and married my wife in Colorado and we started a family. We have 10 year old twins, one boy and one girl. Today I currently own and run a small software company (www.loanxengine.com) that started from our home, which has numerous clients across the country. I did this without venture capital, loans from banks or other debt instruments. The company grew on its own cash flow and revenue, and grew only as I could afford to reinvest. For myself and my family, this has meant years of sacrifice and hard work. But I'm proud of my company and the families that the company is able to support. I'm proud of the fact that the company is in a position where we can offer retirement savings plans and healthcare for our employees.

One of the biggest lessons I've taken from my business experience is that it is *extremely* hard to 'manufacture money'...to start with a blank slate, create a product (any product), sell it for a profit, persevere, and overtime grow it into business. At times, growing my business has challenged me more than I've been challenged in my life, but it's also taught me more about nearly everything. It has sharpened my understanding and vision into the world around us. I've learned immeasurable lessons and gained unbelievable respect for other business entrepreneurs and individuals working to create our future.

While there have been great lessons and inspiring days in my professional and personal life, I've also witnessed other behavior I would characterize as deplorable, disappointing and unethical. And when I look around at America today, I get upset at the stagnation, the government, the crony capitalism, the polarizing finger pointing and the propagation of short sighted policies which are selling out future generations, short changing savers and senior citizens, and jeopardizing the ability for our nation to grow. Opportunities that previous generations have enjoyed are becoming increasingly diminished for our kids and grandkids.

I have decided to do something about it. I have decided to take action to do whatever I can to fix the mistakes our politicians have made and to plant seeds for a future on solid footing...for our country, our state and our kids. I have always been involved in private business, but I have something unique to give and see something worth fighting for. I plan to bring fresh ideas on how to fix our business environment to facilitate direct job growth, ideas for protecting our children's education, and diversifying Colorado's economy.

I am taking action and implore you to take action with me. Please support my campaign however you can, and most importantly, please vote for me this November so that I can bring a fresh perspective to our state and country.

On these pages, I plan to write extensively on various issues facing our state and country, offer my perspective and new ideas that I hope to move forward as your representative. I welcome your feedback and support.

Alan Johnson
Your candidate for Colorado House District 8

Channel 8 - Denver Video Link

Here's the video link to Channel 8 TV's, Denver Decides voter education programming.

Link is here: Candidate House District 8 Alan Johnson

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Here is the Denver Post link to our Colorado House District 8 race: DENVER POST VOTER GUIDE

What Happened to Our Ethics?

Our nation's founding fathers were not people who perpetually lived off of the state, or were wards of some crony court. They were self-made individuals. They were business owners, farmers, tradesmen, inventors, philosophers and intellectual leaders, driven by the highest ethical standards and moral character. Above all, they were independent thinkers who worked for the greater good of their countrymen, who railed against repression of liberties, taxation and cronyism. They wanted to lay the foundation for a nation that above all else would protect the individual from the powerful, would create an environment where individuals could earn their position, and keep just rewards for their hard work and perseverance. They wanted a country where a persons' individual success was determined by hard work, freedom and personal liberty, with morality, ethics and character the underpinnings of the society.


My Beef with Non-Business Savvy Politicians

This past Saturday (06/23) while reading the Denver Post, I noticed an article entitled "Denver to Ask for More Revenue"; an article that discusses Mayor Michael Hancock's designs to bypass TABOR and raise taxes on Denver citizens. It struck me as ironic how this single article highlights so many common core problems associated with non-business savvy politicians.


Fixing Colorado's Huge Public Pension Liability that Threatens Our State's Solvency

I've learned that our state is in *much worse* financial shape than most of us think. Colorado has a serious unsustainable financial cliff in front of it that comes in the form of the state's pension program known as PERA. I'm sure most citizens in our state don't even know the first thing about PERA, the giant liability it represents, and how it's growing daily.


One Way to Create More Adult Criminals

I won't let the answer to this question go to until the end of the article. Instead, I'll put it right up front. One way to create more adult criminals is to first create children criminals; in this case, by providing gangs incentives to use children to perform their crimes. In a sure blow to public safety in our own neighborhoods, and almost unbelievable to me, this is *exactly* what just happened this past year under a new law sponsored by my opponent in District 8, Beth McCann.


What Is Family?

I've talked with a lot of people about this topic recently including members of the Republican party who are gay, Independents and Democrats. What I've come to realize is that a lot of people seem to assume that because you are Republican, you are not supportive of civil unions. I would like to dispel this and I hope open some people's minds with a short story on the subject.


Protecting Colorado Schools and Funded Programs

One of the especially troublesome fiscal issues that have arisen in the last couple of years is that the Federal Government requires Colorado to participate and pay for 'unfunded' programs. These programs have resulted in what is referred to as a "clawback," where the Federal Government has legislated a way to extract money from Colorado that would otherwise be earmarked for other purposes. Because of Colorado's unique laws that limit the State Legislature's ability to tax without direct citizen approval, there is limited ability for our State Government to arbitrarily raise taxes to pay for these unfunded federal clawbacks. (BTW these State laws are a good thing, and the reason why Colorado is not in worse fiscal shape.)


When did Elections become about Parties rather than People and Ideas? Let's change that.

The other day I was having a conversation at a Cub Scout outing with a group of dads, and in particular, with a friend of mine who is very active in the Democratic Party. In the past, I had related to him my desire to one day run for public office, and wanted to personally tell him that I am running to represent District 8 in the Colorado State House of Representatives.


The Unprecedented Transfer of Private Banking Losses and Risk to Our Children and Country

I'm going to discuss some more specific issues and ideas shortly, but one of the things I wanted to write about is the great shame of the banking crisis where the federal government and the Fed transferred major bank gambling losses onto our children.


How to Create Jobs in Colorado (and across the nation): Earmarked Capital Formation

I hear a lot of talk about our government 'creating jobs' and 'lowering unemployment', but when I look at the policies our government employs to create jobs, it is clear to me the politicians don't understand the real mechanism of how an 'actual job' is created.